DB2 2.1.2 via Java, in a distributed environment 
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 DB2 2.1.2 via Java, in a distributed environment

I'm trying to get an app to be able to randomly access one of close to 300
installations of this version of DB2, usnig Java/JDBC.  My DBA tells me
that the only way to do that is by entering all the nodes as aliases in the
CAE.  It's logistically impractical to do that, though, given the wide
distribution of this application.

I had thought about writing a C interface between the Java call and the
connection to the remote dbs.  However, I don't know if that would also
require that CAE be installed, or just some run-time libraries.  The desire
is to be able to make a direct connection to the remote db on port whatever
(3700? 3701?), and execute the dynamic SQL.  A major obstacle with that,
however, is that the SDK we licensed from IBM is fror OS/2, and teh app
needs to run on Windows. :(

Does anyone have any ideas on how this may be done?  Our current mechanism
is to use rexec to access the remote node and execute a dbmucmd on it, and
parse the results..  This is, of course, an unsatisfactory method which I
would like to dispense with.  We are *scheduled* to move to v5.2, but when
that would happen is anybody's guess.

Matthew Vanecek
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Wed, 05 Mar 2003 03:00:00 GMT
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