UDB v5.2 vs UDB OS/390 v6 
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 UDB v5.2 vs UDB OS/390 v6

I advise internal and external customers on database choices as well as
write programs myself.  I like IBM database technology.  I am looking for a
document that describes the differences between the UDB for PC and UNIX
platforms and the UDB for OS/390.  I do have the release guide for UDB V6
for OS/390 and I have found many differences between it and the latest PC
versions.  I was hoping to do development against the PC version and field
some applications against the PC while others go against the mainframe.
These applications will be both COBOL and ODBC using C++.  Granted there is
a lot of compatibility, but some of the incompatibilities I have found are
subtle, such as different output data types from functions, different
precision from functions, other subtle semantic and other obvious
differences.  I believe we won't catch these incompatibilities until late in
the game.  The MVS specific clauses on the DDL don't really concern me
because I have developed programs to help fix them.  IBM used to have a
document call "FRED" which described the differences many versions ago but I
have been unable to locate a newer version of that book.  I am looking for
some help.  I will still go through and compare the documentation but if
there is a published list someplace it should help me come up with a more
complete list.

Thanks for you help.

Sun, 17 Jun 2001 03:00:00 GMT
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