newbie question: database inconsistency 
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 newbie question: database inconsistency

We recently created our first DB2 database and loaded up the tables.
Withing a few hours of testing, I noticed in the GUI Control Center that the
database state is Inconsistent.  The application sitting on top of the
database seems to be working fine, and the database otherwise seems to be
operating normally.

I read in the on-line documentation that Restarting the database would
return the database to Consistency.  I issued the command: RESTART DATABASE
DBNAME, and the message that the command had completed successfully was
returned.  The database is still in an inconsistent state.

The database was initially created using the DB2 system defaults.

Can anyone offer any advice on returning the database to a consistent state,
and things to check which might have created this state?



Nikki Woelk
Faludi Computing, Inc.          (415) 512-8212

Sat, 23 Aug 2003 10:07:50 GMT
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