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 linking attributes

well, i've a design-problem - maybe the one or the other collegue had
a similar problem in the past an can answer. every idea is welcome !

db2 udb v6, java.

a customer has "attributes" like

- has an american express credit card (with all informations)
- is interested in "new york times"
- has a compaq computer (with all informations)
- ...

the number of attributes are known (we're not selling refrigerators
to eskimoes eg.) so i like to create one table per attribute to
transport all the informations needed.

what is the best idea to link this attributes to the customer record

i've 2 ideas:

- create a linked list like
  customer -> anchor to first attribute
    attribute -> next/previous attribute

- working with a reference table like
  customer -> key in referencetable
    referencetable is "key,key_in_attribute:table_of_attribute"

- other ideas ?


the DB2 faq: http://www.***.com/

Wed, 05 Mar 2003 03:00:00 GMT
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