help for create a database in java program 
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 help for create a database in java program

Hi, there,

I have trouble to run db2 command in my java program. eg, I try to  use the
following piece of code to create a db:
(I use window nt system)
             try {
                   Process prcs=Runtime.getRuntime().exec("db2cmd");
                    prcs=Runtime.getRuntime().exec("db2 CREATE DATABASE
                     + "lungrep USING CODESET IBM-1252 TERRITORY US COLLATE
USING SYSTEM WITH \"the database for lungrep101\"");


 System.out.println("Successfully create the database");
             } catch (Exception e) { /* process exception */
               System.err.println("unable to run the process" +

this program runs normally without any error message. However, it did not
create the specified db. Could any one give me a hint? thanks

Tue, 10 Aug 2004 01:17:42 GMT
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