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 JDBC from cron

Running DB2 under Linux - at this point in time I just have the default
instance db2inst1 operational.

I have a Java JDBC routine that takes a flat file, parses it and loads it to
a table (production data from a manufacturing line).  I would like to do
this on a timed basis throughout the day - probably using cron.

Right now,  the JDBC routine will only execute from the db2inst1 signon
(other signons can't find the driver).  I'm a little confused on how to set
up the environment to allow other users to execute the process.  I would
assume it is a matter of executing db2profile in the bash_profile for each
user - however it would need to point back at the db2inst1 instance (I

Just need a little guidance.  Thanks,

As an aside, rather than cron, would I be better off periodically just doing
the timing in the Java routine and running it as a background process?  If
so, would that be done starting and stopping a thread or is there a more
elegant solution?


Norman Plummer
Bigston Information Technologies

Sun, 08 Sep 2002 03:00:00 GMT
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