Moving platforms db2look-db2move procedures 
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 Moving platforms db2look-db2move procedures

General question about moving a database from an AIX to SUN platform. We have DB2 V6 database that has
dependencies between tables. During the creation of the db2look output I receive the declarations for the

tablespace creation
table creation
view creation
table constraints
grant authorizations
udf creation statements

I've been told by sources to do the following on the new platform:

1. create the database and instance.

2. create the tables/views

3. Use db2move to get the data into the tables

4. apply table constraints, grant authorizations, udf creation and then the statistics.

Is this correct?

The reason I'm asking is applying all of the DDL and then doing the db2move leaves some of my
tables in a pending state (those having dependency on other tables). Simply, taking them and doing
a set integrity <table> immediated checked seems kind of risky.

Thanks in advance...


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Tue, 14 Sep 2004 23:30:10 GMT
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