V7.2 Snapshot API in C 
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 V7.2 Snapshot API in C

I'm trying to make heads or tails of the snapshot API.

I took the dbsnap.c sample program and got it compiled.  When running
it, I get a 'not enough buffer area' error, so I increase the buffer
size until the error goes away.

Now I get no output whatsoever, so I started some research.  In the
dump_snapshot_output() routine, it is setting num_top_lvl_structs
to be a sum of collected.db2 + collected.databases (and so on).
Everyone one of the values are zero.  

I look in the db2ApiDf.h file and see those parts of the structure
have been marked obsolete and that I should use num_top_level_structs.

Well, num_top_level_structs is zero.

I'm obviously getting some data back; hence the buffer too small error,
but can't get to any of it.  The sample program looks to be out of
date and the code snippets in Chapter 5 of the Monitor Guide & Reference
don't work, either.

Anybody got some ideas as to where to look next?


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Tue, 17 Aug 2004 06:11:48 GMT
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