db2/400 vs. db2/Solaris 
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 db2/400 vs. db2/Solaris
Stuggling with this one.  I'm managing an IT shop and I've got a bunch
of faithful AS/400 folks that say DB2/400 is the only way to
go...stability, reliability, so on and so forth.

The problem is I have a three tier architecture (web, app, database)
where the web and app servers are on Solaris.  I'd rather just have
everything on one platform to ease administration and support.

Can someone shed some light to this?

Tue, 02 Aug 2005 11:55:36 GMT
 db2/400 vs. db2/Solaris

Not sure what your question is?  There are definitely a number of installs where
DB2 UDB for iSeries (DB2/400) houses the data and the app & web server run on
another platform.

If you get your app & web server into a Websphere solution, then you could
easily run everything on the AS/400.

Kent Milligan, DB2 & BI team
PartnerWorld for Developers, iSeries

>>> www.iseries.ibm.com/db2

(opinions stated are not necessarily those of my employer)

Wed, 03 Aug 2005 00:04:16 GMT
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