snapshot for tables and overflows stat 
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 snapshot for tables and overflows stat


       When doing a get snapshot for tables I have found a metric that
although I have read the DB2 docs doesn't seem right. The table is
small (less than 5000 rows) and is updated infrequently ( approx 20
times/min ), however is it accessed frequently in a join with another
table. The overflow stat is huge and increases to thousands within
seconds. This is a sample a few minutes after turning on monitor

Table Schema        = XSCHEMA
 Table Name          = XNAME
 Table Type          = User
 Rows Read           = 458989
 Rows Written        = 85
 Overflows           = 6639
 Page Reorgs         = 1

The row size is close to the page size and the reorgs being > 0 is
likely normal. A FAQ on the DB2 docs pages says that an existing table
with added columns (as this one is) will cause the overflow stat to
increase, but on update, not read.

Any ideas??

Solaris 7
DB2 7.2 (patched to 7.2 from 7.0)


Sat, 30 Jul 2005 08:38:17 GMT
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