Trigger and Packages 
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 Trigger and Packages

Hi All,

I have some fundamantal questions.
Support DB2 the following Oracle-Featureses:

1. are Packages available?
2. are PackageVariables available?
3. can these be defined session-dependent?
4. can I define inserts/update/delete-triggers on tables?
5. can views use package functions?

Table person(  ID, name, first name, MandantenID )
Package app has funktion getMandantID()

goes something like:

create view VPerson as select * from person where MandantenID =


Frank Mittler

rola Softwareberatungs GmbH

Fri, 22 Aug 2003 23:41:12 GMT
 Trigger and Packages


Can you please define what a package is?

In DB2 you can create before and after each row triggers as well as
after each statement level triggers on update ,delete and insert. In the
coming fixpack the SQL PL language available inside of these triggers
will be extended.

DB2 supports external UDFs as well as UDFs written in SQL.
So dependend on what packages are you may be able to use these. E.g. to
store and retrieve app-wide data.

There are no restrictions within views on the usage of functions.


Visit the DB2 UDB and DB2 Connect Online Support site at:

Sun, 31 Aug 2003 18:03:42 GMT
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