Package not found in import ? 
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 Package not found in import ?


Thanks for the help about where to find java sample of store procedures.
I am trying to understand how "" (provided by IBM) works.

I copied the file "" from D:\SQLLIB\SAMPLES\JAVA to my own
directory e:\db2

then when I tried to compile and it game me the following error:
D:\SQLLIB\java\jdk\bin>javac e:\db2\
e:\db2\ Package not found in import.
import*;  // DB2 UDB JDBC classes
e:\db2\ Package not found in import.
import*;       // StoredProc and associated classes
e:\db2\ Superclass StoredProc of class DB2Stp not found.
class DB2Stp extends StoredProc
3 errors

My question is where are "Package" and "Superclass
StoredProc" located. Do I have to download them from somewhere? and
move them to somewhere? I only installed DB2 UDB6.1 client software on
my NT.

Thanks for your help.


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Sat, 24 Aug 2002 03:00:00 GMT
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